What’s my website copywriting process?

So, are you considering working with me to create your website copy?

Here’s a quick outline of what happens when you say yes! 

Stage 1 – We’ll have a chat

Website copywriting is not a quick fix; it is a strategic process that requires, firstly, an understanding of you and your business, your competitors, and your ideal clients. I’ll also need to capture your voice and your vision. Only then can I write and revise the words for your website, ensuring that your brand really shows through.

So, our first call will involve me asking some questions about your business and your marketing aims to get an understanding of what you’ll expect from me. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have about my process. 

Stage 2 – Documentation and exploration

If we’re both happy to proceed, then this next stage involves a little homework from you. 

A few days after our initial chat, I will come back to you with a detailed proposal. This will involve the scope of the work, the contract, and the pricing with an invoice. 

I will also send you a short document to complete that asks about your clients, your services and your brand. I’ll also need some testimonials from your clients so that we know what your customers think about you – this is invaluable for finding out about your ideal client’s pain points and helping to address those in your website copy.

We may have another call to clarify anything in your questionnaire document that I’m unsure of, and for you to mention anything that may have occurred to you since completing the questionnaire. 

Stage 3: The work

In the next stage I research your client profile, competitors, and keywords I’ll use in your website copy. I’ll then write your copy. This will then be ready to send to you via Google Docs or emailed in Word, depending on your preference. You’ll add any comments or changes to the draft and return the document to me – any feedback you have or questions that come up are greatly appreciated at this stage. The copy must feel right for you, so the more you can contribute, the better.

Stage 4: Revisions

In this next stage I incorporate any of your comments or feedback into the draft copy. 

I’ll then clean up the copy so that I’ve addressed all your comments, proofread and polished the document, and then I’ll send you the document (or ownership/editing rights in Google Docs).

Stage 5: Final copy delivery

In this final stage you tell me that you’re 100% happy with the website copy. You can now hand it over to your website designer.

The whole process should take about 3-4 weeks (a simple website of 4-5 pages), depending on the scope of the website. It also depends on how promptly you return feedback – I ask for comments and revisions within 72 hours to keep things on track. 

Want to get started on your shiny new website copy? 

Have any questions about the process? 

Please email me at lou@wordbirdy.com

Image courtesy of Darkmoon_Art at Pixabay