Yes, a copywriter can imitate you

I was scanning the News section of a client’s website recently when I came across a blog post that looked interesting.

Considering I’d written the vast majority of this client’s blog posts over the last three years, I was surprised. Here was a blog I didn’t recognize as my own.

I was intrigued, and as I read on, I was impressed. This was an inside job, written by someone who was obviously well versed in the industry, passionate about their work and who keenly wanted to sell the product.

Who had written this material? And why was the client using me when they could be using the in-house author of this post as their blogger?

I continued reading, increasing enthralled by this writer’s comprehensive knowledge and turn of phrase – clearly this was someone who had worked in the industry for many years.

Eventually, something clicked.

Hold on! This bit looks familiar.

Trawling through my archives of client blog posts that I keep on my Mac, I came across the very same blog post.

It was me; it was my blog post. I’d written this a couple of years ago.

The reason I’m telling you this is because, although you may not believe me, because you probably think that no one knows your business as well as you do. A good copywriter can sound like you.

A good copywriter doesn’t need to be you. They don’t need to have been working at your business or in your industry for years in order to sound like you in the blog posts. A good copywriter does her research, reading everything she can get her hands on, talking to people in the industry so that she can effectively connect with the readers. She can pick up the technical terms that are needed to appeal to readers of the blog post. Not only that, but she knows what words resonate and how to encourage readers to act.

(Although she may not remember writing it two years down the road – oops)

As long as she has a good brief, a good copywriter can convince the readers that it was you or someone in your industry that wrote the blog post.

So, don’t dismiss the opportunity to use a copywriter in the mistaken belief that they don’t know your business well enough – a good copywriter can fake it.


Image courtesy of Pixabay