Choose quality over quantity

You’ve probably been told a million and 1 times to write blog posts as frequently as every day if possible, to get your words in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

But not only is there other stuff you need to be doing, like running your business or sleeping, but it’s not actually a good idea at all.

I read all those articles too – many years ago when I first started my personal blog. And feeling inspired, I endeavoured to write one article every working day of the week.

What I found was very interesting.

First off, I had no time to make an actual living, and secondly, I was churning out rubbish.

I was so concerned with getting the words down on the page and onto the website that I forgot that readers want quality content. They’re not interested in quantity. By trying to shove content down their throat every day, I was turning people off. There’s so much other brilliant stuff they could be reading that they’re just not interested in the mediocre.

Readers want quality content. They want words that will engage, inform and entertain. Posts that you’ve sweated blood and tears over (or paid someone to sweat blood and tears over).

If this means you can’t get content out every day, then so be it. Better to send out quality posts once a week that will get read, than to send rubbish daily posts that’ll be ignored.