Should you write your own website copy?

Yes, you should.

You are the only person who knows your business inside out. So, yes of course you should write it.

But can you?

If you have the skills to write in a way that puts your business in its best light, and you can do it quickly so that it doesn’t take time away from your other tasks, then absolutely you can.

Professional copywriters are not cheap, but they are worth it if you want copy that reflects your business in the best way, is targeted to your specific audience and is written to a high professional standard.

Step away from the nuts

I’m sure you’ve heard that adage – ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. What this means is that if you pay £5 for a page of copy, then you’ll get rubbish copy that is not SEO friendly, not user-focused, not conversation-rate optimised and does not make for the best user experience. It’s just not worth it.

Do you want the best of both worlds?

If you’re short on budget, but feel that you’re the only one who knows your business well enough to write effective copy then you could get your written copy checked over. A professional copyedit will include checking for spelling and grammar, ensuring there is no awkward word placement, and inspecting for dodgy sentence structure.

It’s definitely worth it.


Photo credit: Barry Davis Cute Monkey