Entice readers with variety

My local coffee shop uses a variety of styles on a blackboard to advertise the different drinks it offers. Inside the café there are comfy chairs, sofas, plants and books and lots of other interesting things to entice people in and make them want to stay awhile. And while enjoying the environment, they might possibly buy more too.

It’s the same with your blog post. Make it stimulating with plenty of punchy paragraphs, and headings that split up the text. Play with the font, use bullets and numbering to spice things up. Above all, grab attention with pictures and images, hand-written text or cartoons.

Keep it novel

Readers have short attention spans. So unless you’re offering a very short blog post, then they need novelty, something that will break up the monotony of plain text. Readers get bored with blocks of writing and so if you don’t entertain them with plenty of visual delicacies, they will click off to some other, more interesting-looking site.




Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan, Penny Farthing promotes cafe

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