What “I don’t have time to blog” really means

Often, I hear the words “I don’t have time to write a blog, and I don’t see the point anyway”.

Is this you? And is it true? Do you really have no time to sit down and create a short piece of writing to let your clients and potential clients know what you’ve been up to?

Isn’t it more likely that the thought of putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard to come up with something legible is actually quite terrifying?

Perhaps you’d rather pull every painful hair out of your own head one by one than create a simple 500-word blog post?

I know what you’re thinking. What if it’s rubbish? What if it shows that you can’t write for toffee, what if you annoy someone, what if it puts your company in a bad light? What if…? what if…?

 “If it’s important enough to you, you will make time”

You can come up with a million and one excuses, and I’m afraid that ‘time’ isn’t one of them. Because, as my nanny was so fond of saying, if it’s important, you will make time. You just need to consider it important enough.

If you do realise how important it is to post a regular blog post, but you are drowning in paperwork and simply cannot spare the time, then use a contractor and take that heavy weight off your shoulders – your business needs it.