Keep your word

Do you have a mission statement that is a declaration of commitments that you put into action with integrity? Or is it just a load of blather on a page that nobody ever looks at? Is it peppered with words like ‘solution’ and ‘strategy’ that sound smart but means nothing?

Do you have a telephone ‘hold’ message that waffles on about how your company is committed to customer service? Yet you keep your customers hanging on the phone for ages because you don’t employ enough staff to take calls?

Do your blog posts spout about how good your product or service is and how dedicated you are to your customers but in reality, are colourfully embellished?

If your mission statement, your ‘hold’ message or your blog posts tell the story of a company committed to doing what’s best for your customers then you should be demonstrating that value in the work you do.  Don’t say or write it if you don’t truly believe in it.

Customers read blog posts to find out about your company. They want some reassurance that they can rely on you to deliver the goods or service to the quality and timescale that they expect.

They will also smell BS from a mile off so if you aren’t committed to the values that you promote, if you don’t believe it, and demonstrate it – then why should anyone trust you and give your business their money or their time?


Image credit: thenails Wall Street Bull